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Without a clear visual vocabulary, your band works against itself. When you clarify how your band moves using our courses, your visual scores will improve.

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How much are poor visual scores costing your marching band?

A lot of band directors struggle to create a consistent visual language for their students to perform on the field.

When your band doesn’t move well…

Marching band should be fun and the best part of everyone’s day. Most band directors never learned the proper fundamentals of teaching marching band in college. Learn our step-by-step system in Accelerator for helping you teach marching movement and you’ll get the success and visual scores you’ve been looking for.

Meet Your Instructor

Hello, my name is Clark Cothran.

I have been involved in the marching arts for over a decade both as a performer, designer and instructor and have reached the top of this amazing activity with some of the best ensembles in the world.

I’ve also worked with ensembles and programs that are just starting out without the resources and experience of those elite ensembles, which has allowed me to experience what works and what does not work (at all levels) when it comes to teaching marching band.

Now I’m here to help you take your program to the next level. I’ll see you inside the masterclass!

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Here's what our students are saying

“I learned more about hash marks than in my entire 15-year career teaching marching band. It gets into the fine details that reinforce habits for our students. MMA is great!”

Derek Scoles – Band Director

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“It’s super refreshing to find something like this that’s up to date and modern…that’s put together by someone that’s been a part of very successful schools.”

Erik McMahon – Visual Caption Head


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