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Transform Your Visual Program and Maximize Every Rehearsal

Eliminate inconsistent performances and hours of ineffective trial and error in rehearsals by having a clear, structured approach to your marching band’s visual program

Eliminate inconsistent performances and hours of ineffective trial and error in rehearsals – without having to hire more expensive staff and clinicians

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Did it feel like your band could have scored higher this season?

Picture this scenario: You’re in the moment leading a rehearsal. The band finishes a rep and you can tell there’s an issue and something needs improvement. Your mind starts racing because you don’t know how to fix it.

The gnawing fear intensifies because you don’t have all the time in the world to sit there and figure it out. This can make you anxious that others will notice you don’t know everything.

Know that you’re not alone.

Navigating the whirlwind of leading a successful marching band is daunting. From the minutiae of managing coordinate sheets to instilling impeccable posture in every student, the challenges are endless.

The typical fix? Bringing in costly clinicians for a mini-camp, offering a temporary polish that often fades without their constant presence.

But what if you could break the cycle?

Imagine having an accessible, step-by-step resource that not only teaches but cements visual techniques, enabling your program to consistently deliver peak performances. A solution that offers the expertise of a clinician’s camp with the staying power of daily practice.

The Simple Formula to Success

In the past decade of fine-tuning marching arts programs, I’ve uncovered the key elements of crafting a standout marching band from the ground up. It’s been a journey of immense learning all to distill the essence of what makes a band’s visual performance resonate.

Through these investments of time and resources, I’ve come to one resounding truth:

There’s no mystical formula for perfecting your band’s visual prowess.

It boils down to a blend of precision, passion, and perseverance:

  • Mastering the fundamentals of marching and movement techniques
  • Committing to consistent, focused rehearsals
  • Applying these skills season after season

That’s the core of it.

I’m confident that if you adopt this three-part framework, the transformation will be profound.

Your band will not only sharpen their technique but will capture the hearts of audiences and judges alike. You’ll see the pride in your students’ eyes as they perform with unwavering confidence.

And yes, you might just get those heartfelt messages from community members expressing how your band’s performance was the highlight of their year.

This is what our course offers – not just strategies, but a consistent path to elevate your band’s visual narrative, year after year.

“I learned more about hash marks than in my entire 15-year career teaching marching band. It gets into the fine details that reinforce habits for our students.”

Derek Scoles – Band Director

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The Curriculum

In our flagship course, we cover every facet of the activity from the basic fundamentals to cleaning drill and getting the best performance out of your students. We break everything down and show you exactly how we teach.


The Foundation

How to establish success in your program with a strong culture, rehearsal etiquette, process, and leadership


Preparing the Body

How to best prepare your students body for movement, injury prevention, and overall physical health


The Stationary Body

How to build a solid foundation in proper posture, body carriage, and begin a connection in moving through time and space


The Body on the Move

How to teach basic marching fundamentals of moving forward, backward, side to side, and progress to advanced movement


The Power of the Eyes & Mind

How to refine moving as an ensemble and introduce concepts of dress, spacing, focalization, and alignment


Learning Drill

How to read a field and coordinate sheet, efficiently learn drill, build and enforce rehearsal etiquette, and define the process


Cleaning Tools

How to have effective eyes from the sky, learn off the field cleaning techniques, and refine on-field instruction


Growth Towards Box 5

How to take your program to the next level and go from good to great using simple techniques from the best in the world



How to prep students for performance, dealing with nerves and anxiety, pre-show warm-up, and handling show logistics

With You Everywhere.

Access Marching Marching Movement Accelerator anywhere you need it. At your desk or on the go.

“It’s super refreshing to find something like this that’s up to date and modern…that’s put together by someone that’s been a part of very successful schools.”

Erik McMahon – Visual Caption Head

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is this course right for me and my band program?

This course is built for anyone that wants to grow as a teacher in the realm of the marching arts. Whether you’re a band director, independent instructor or staff member, or even a student leader, this is the ultimate guidebook for visual instruction from the basic fundamentals to cleaning drill and getting the best performance out of your students. I’m going to show you exactly how I teach and break everything down.

Am I able to give my staff or student leaders access to the coursework?

At the moment, you will not be able to give staff or student leaders their own individual login for the coursework. However, you’re welcome to share course access with staff members and the student leadership of your organization only. We ask that you not share your login credentials with every band director you know.

We’d like to keep the integrity and quality of our community intact and exclusive to those that are members of Marching University.

With that being said, you are allowed to have an additional 2 staff members added to the private Facebook group, so that they can benefit from the collaboration and teaching that goes on in our private community.

We’d ask that you not share access to the Facebook Group with any current students or band director peers that have not purchased the course and reserve invitations only to your current staff members and yourself.

What payment methods can I use to purchase?

We completely understand that everyone is in a different situation. Some might be purchasing the course personally and some might want to purchase through their school or boosters. We currently only accept debit/credit payments, Apple Pay, and Google Pay. If you require special accommodations such as the use of Purchase Orders, please reach out to us at support@marchingu.com.

What if I buy the course and realize it's not what I was looking for?

If that’s the case, then we haven’t done our job to make sure to include everything you need to progress and improve your band program effectively.

With that being said, if you go through the course and apply what you learn, but are still unhappy with your results, then we don’t want your money. Shoot us an email and we’ll give you a full refund.

Do you offer clinics or workshops?

Yes, we do offer clinics or workshops for more individualized, in-person instruction with your program! If you would like more information, simply email us at support@marchingu.com.