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Clarify Your Band's Visual Program Once and For All

Get instant, lifetime access to this 50+ lesson online course that takes you through over 7 hours of content of our step-by-step progression to level up your marching band and max out your student’s performance

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Feel like your band left valuable points on the field at the end of the year?

Let’s ask you this – if someone was at one of your marching band rehearsals and asked you “So, what marching style are you implementing with your band?”.

Would you shrug and unassuredly reply with “Well, it’s supposed to be straight leg, but…”?

We get it. It is absolutely overwhelming to deal with all of the responsibilities that come with leading a successful marching band throughout the season.

It’s hard enough trying to get students to remember their coordinate sheets every day let alone making sure everyone has perfect posture going from set to set.

But what if there was another way?

What if you had a step-by-step resource that taught visual techniques to help your program max out every performance?

How to Approach, Teach, and Progress Your Marching Band

What to Expect from Marching Movement Accelerator

In our flagship course, we cover every facet of the activity from the basic fundamentals to cleaning drill and getting the best performance out of your students. I show you exactly how I teach and break everything down.

This system will be ever-growing and evolving. With members having lifetime access, we plan to regularly and seasonally update content to include new lessons and modules based on member feedback and new innovations of the activity.

Our #1 goal is to help YOU and create educational content that teaches topics that make YOUR life easier and band program better!

Marching Movement Accelerator includes...

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Hours of Content
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Preparing the Body

How to best prepare your students body for movement, injury prevention, and overall physical health

The Body on the Move

How to teach basic marching fundamentals of moving forward, backward, side to side, and progress to advanced movement

The Power of Mind & Eyes

How to refine moving as an ensemble and introduce concepts of dress, spacing, localization, and alignment

Cleaning Tools

How to have effective eyes from the sky, learn off the field cleaning techniques, and refine on-field instruction

Growth Towards Box 5

How to take your program to the next level and go from good to great using simple techniques from the best in the world


How to prep students for performance, dealing with nerves and anxiety, pre-show warm-up, and handling show logistics


Private Facebook Community

Access to our private FB group where all members can ask questions, connect with other directors, and join live Q&As

Clark and Our Team as Virtual Mentors

You'll have access to Clark and our team for support, mentorship, and help in your journey to improve and grow your program

Exercises, Templates, and Other Tools

Every lesson comes with additional exercises, breakdowns, teaching tips, and more to help you as an educator

Member Exclusive Discounts

COMING SOON: We're working to build relationship with trusted vendors and brands in order to offer member exclusive discounts

Here's what our students are saying

“I learned more about hash marks than in my entire 15-year career teaching marching band. It gets into the fine details that reinforce habits for our students.”

Derek Scoles – Band Director

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Is the Accelerator Course Right for You?

To find out if Marching Movement Accelerator is right for you and your program, ask yourself these questions:

Question #1
Have you felt like you’ve run out of ideas for how to teach even the most basic marching band techniques?

Question #2
Do you want to empower your student leaders to teach but don’t have the bandwidth to teach them yourself?

Question #3
Do you struggle to get your staff on the same page when it comes to what to teach and how to teach it?

Question #4
Do you want to help your students succeed and max out their performances on the field?

If you answered Yes to any of those questions, then Marching Movement Accelerator is right for you.

Here's what our students are saying

“It’s super refreshing to find something like this that’s up to date and modern…that’s put together by someone that’s been a part of very successful schools.”

Erik McMahon – Visual Caption Head

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Meet Your Instructor

Hello, my name is Clark Cothran.

I have been involved in the marching arts for over a decade both as a performer, designer and instructor and have reached the top of this amazing activity with some of the best ensembles in the world.

I’ve also worked with ensembles and programs that are just starting out without the resources and experience of those elite ensembles, which has allowed me to experience what works and what does not work (at all levels) when it comes to teaching marching band.

Now I’m here to help you take your program to the next level. I’ll see you inside the masterclass!

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